1. How do I get my matches and do i have enough time to make the bets?

After your payment we send the matches on your email. We usually are ready till 13.00 o clock or sooner. You will have enough time to make the bets.

2. After one bad day what do i have to do?

You need to increase your stake with 80%-100%. This is the way to cover the bad day and still make some profit.

3. Can I get one tip for free to see how you work?

No, you can’t. Our 1 day prices are very low and everybody who can’t pay for it don’t have to start with this business anyway!

4. Can I get 30 days package?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is let us know and we are going to make you a special offer for 30 days package!

5. Which matches from the daily betting card are you analyzing?

We are working with all of the biggest leagues and some of the smaller too. International games like World and Euro Cup are also in our program.

6. I am a rookie, how do I start with you?

It’s not necessary to have experience. We let you know how to start and which way is the best for you after you give us some information about your budget, goals and all the other information that we need.